Nokia E7 Now Shipping: Helsinki Flagship Store Video

The new Nokia E7 has begun shipping to customers across the globe, and the first customers able to snap up the latest Symbina^3 smartphone were at the Nokia flagship store in Helsinki, and we have a video of the first customer reactions to the device for your entertainment below.

The Nokia E7 shipping, Nokia flagship store Finland video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile and by way of Nokia Conversations along with another short video showing behind the design of the Noika E7.

Quick spec reminder, the Nokia E7 packs a 4-inch AMOLED Nokia ClearBlack capacitive touch screen, 4-row 42-key sliding QWERTY keyboard, 8 megapixel fixed-focus camera with dual LED flash and 720p HD video, and 16GB memory.

So all you need do now is head on down and check out the customer reactions to the Nokia E7 and that behind the design look, so get to it and enjoy.


5 thoughts on “Nokia E7 Now Shipping: Helsinki Flagship Store Video”

  1. mas says:

    The unthinkable has happened.

    Nokia has been taken over by Microsoft. It has been reduced to a mere OEM hardware provider for Microsoft.

    The shareholders of Nokia have responded by selling their shares, leading to a 14% drop in Nokia shares value.

    Its time for those of us whom have been long served in our daily lives by Nokia, hence our love for not just the hardware or the brand, but the Finnish philosophy of life and service to the greater community, to make a stand and make our voices heard.

    Show your support for Nokia and Symbian by buying the Nokia E7 when it's launch in your area. After that, boycott all Nokia products. This will hopefully show the Nokia Board and the "Analysts" what is important to the end-users of Nokia mobile phones.

    Hopefully, this will persuade Elop and Balmer to leave Nokia and Symbian alone.

    However, even if this global community action fails, then you would have own the last best Nokia phone ever made, and will ever be made.

    The battle cry is:

    "Save Symbian, Fire Elop" or "SSFE"

    Spread this message to as many Nokia user as you can. The time to act is now….

  2. girish says:

    i am just waiting for this phone to launch in UAE or QATAR..

    I love nokia communicators…..it gives me an edge over all the other managers in my firm.

    i dont want apple or galaxy…..

    tell me when this is gooing to happen in UAE.

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