Microsoft Actually Pays Nokia To Use Windows Phone 7

Ever wondered why Nokia decided to go with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform rather than Android? Maybe it has something to do with that Microsoft will be shelling out billions of bucks to get Windows Phone 7 adopted by Nokia.

According to an article over on Apple Insider by way of The Seattle TImes, during MWC 2011, Nokia boss Stephen Elop admitted that Microsoft is handing over billions to make the switch to Windows Phone after Nokia stock fell 14% when the partnership was announced.

Apparently Elop stated that the payments from Microsoft are to acknowledge the “substantial value to contribute” that Nokia will bring to Microsoft, and that Nokia will still pay royalties for using Windows Phone 7 as standard practice.

Apparently Elop was asked if he was a “Trojan horse” meaning Elop was an ex-Microsoft employee who joined Nokia to steer them towards Windows Phone 7, to which Elop answered “The obvious answer is ‘No’ Thanks for asking.”

There have been claims that Google pay smartphone makers to use the Android platform but thus far no figures of such a deal have shown up.

So perhaps the real reason behind Nokia going with Windows Phone 7 over Android was simply because Microsoft offered more cash? What are our reader’s views on this matter?

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