Nokia Talking with Verizon for Possible CDMA Devices

Looks like Nokia may be wanting to break into the carrier market, especially as their future smartphones will sport the Windows Phone 7 platform, and the word is Nokia is in negotiations with Verizon Wireless as a possible carrier of Nokia devices.

According to an article over on Slash Gear, Stephen Elop, the CEO of Nokia has confirmed that they have had talks with the Big Red, although have no plans to announce anything just yet the possibility of Nokia CDMA handsets is on the cards.

Other than that not a great deal is known, but no doubt part of the deal with Microsoft was probably Nokia would need to begin getting their smartphone onto carriers rather than just being offered SIM free.

Elop apparently denied that Nokia’s relationships with North American carriers is somewhat poor, saying… “We don’t have bad relationships with carriers, we spoke throughout this process with them. We have an obligation to put competitive products into the marketplace — we had a Symbian device, which co-operatively we had worked with the AT&T folks. [AT&T] didn’t think it was competitive, relative to iPhone and Android; the indication from them was “you’re not going to get a lot of love, sorry.”

Whatever the reasons, it appears that Nokia is trying to get future handsets to be offered by carriers, and is apparently “considering everything.”

So what do our readers think about Nokia devices possibly being offered by Verizon in future, good or bad idea?


One thought on “Nokia Talking with Verizon for Possible CDMA Devices”

  1. J-R0C says:

    That’s great. They should have did this eons ago. But for them to compete with android & the iconic iphone’s ios platforms ( ala htc handsets ) they’re have to probably increase screen size ( maybe from 3.7 to 4.3 ) then i see them gaining some support from verizon. so please nokia do that & your’ll win!!!!

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