Extreme Phone Pranking: Man Accused of Pantyhose Prank Calls

The phone is a wonderful invention, it allows people to keep in contact with each other, and the mobile phone has taken staying in touch a whole lot further; however there are some people who see the phone as a weapon to intimidate and annoy with prank calls and such.

A recent article over on AZ Central highlights the extremes of the “prank call” reporting that a guy from Pennsylvania made random phone calls to try and get women to chat about pantyhose, and sometimes made in excess of 400 calls in one day.

Apparently Rip Alan Swartz turned himself in to Upper Allen Township police and faces charges of harassment with investigators stating that over the last 5 years Swartz has made calls to businesses across the US.

Currently Swartz is out on bail under the condition he doesn’t visit Hooters, Applebee’s the First National Bank of Marysville, or Bob Evans.

Yep there sure are some twisted people out there with access to a phone, and although at times prank calls can be funny especially around April Fools Day, such as reported (here), but when it comes to harassing females for sexual explicit conversations you’re going too far, there are sex lines for that kind of thing.

We’d like to know if any of our readers have made a prank call in the past, and why they did so, was if an April Fools joke or was it to get a little bit of revenge? Fell free to let us know your phone pranks by posting to our comments area below.


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