Verizon iPhone Sales Not As Great As Presumed

The much awaited CDMA iPhone version for the Verizon network has been expected for years and in those years the hype along with the much talked about Verizon iPhone had people believing that the handset would virtually break records once Apple made the device available.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the stories of hoards of AT&T customers will ditch the carrier and snap up to Verizon iPhone; however according to an article over on Intomobile and by way of the Boy Genius Report, it appears sales of the Verizon iPhone may have failed to meet expectation.

Apparently the BGR gained Verizon iPhone sales data from 5 Apple retail stores and here are those sales figures…Thursday – Verizon – 909 – AT&T – 539, Friday – Verizon – 916 – AT&T – 680, Saturday – Verizon – 660 – AT&T – 471, Sunday – Verizon – 796 – AT&T – 701, and Monday – Verizon – 711 – AT&T – 618.

Of the 5 stores, the BGR say 2 were very important Apple stores, and has also stated that pre-orders for the CDMA iPhone from both Apple and Verizon were roughly 550,000 so could be a contribution to the seemingly lack of sales at stores.

Adding the above figures up it would appear that the Verizon iPhone sold 3992 over the 5 days while the AT&T iPhone sold 3009, not a very large gap by any standards, so has the Verizon iPhone lost its attraction with the mobile toting public, or do you think perhaps Apple and Verizon left it all too late?


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  1. I totally agree with Gale, why lock yourself into a 2 yr contract with VerizonWireless with a iPhone4 that is close to being replaced by the next generation, who wants to pay the ETF of over $350. Unless you have money to burn, Go for It – but I'm waiting on the dual core Androids or iPhone 5…

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