I Am Number Four App: Wallpapers, Photos & Ringtones

I Am Number Four is the next big movie and we wanted to let you know about a new iOS app for your iPhone that we think you may like.

I Am Number Four is a stunning movie produced by Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg through DreamWorks and is an American teen science fiction film, which releases today.

The iOS application via iTunes for free is called ‘Number Four’s Phone’, and number Four has lost his phone and only you can help him complete set missions to keep the mobile phone out of the Mog’s hands.

Whilst doing these missions you will get a lot of information about Number Four himself, the upcoming release of I Am Number Four and his planet Lorien.

You can play games and even bump phones to unlock wallpapers, photos and ringtones from the film, get the app now and please enjoy. For more in-depth information about this movie we do recommend you visiting IMDb for the lowdown, you can also visit the official Find Number Four website as well. Check out a few images below of the app:


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  1. Jamie Bacon says:

    I can’t get this app to worm on my iPhone 4 can someone help me