London Fashion Week: Best 6 Ovi Apps

For those Nokia faithful that have a liking for fashion, as London Fashion Week begins in a few days time perhaps you’d like some info on the six best Ovi applications you can download to your Nokia device so you can get the best out of London Fashion Week.

This list of the six best Ovi apps comes our way courtesy of the guys over at NokNok, so we thought we’d pass it along to any of our Nokia toting readers who might be attending or have an interest in London Fashion Week, so let’s get right to it…

First up is an app called Zara, this Ovi app enables the user to browse the Zara department store for the latest in fashion and even lets the user purchase gear via their Nokia smartphone, search pictures and catalogue so you can locate that perfect outfit.

The Zara app can be downloaded to you Nokia handset, you will need to make sure your device is compatible by using the Nokia mobile selector, from the Ovi Store as a free download.

Next up is the House of Fraser app, which is apparently one of the best Ovi apps for shopping whilst on the go and delivers a complete search capability via category, brand, keyword, and enabling new customers to create an account.

The House of Fraser app for Nokia devices allows users to pick items by gender, images and type and also allows purchasing of garments right for your Nokia device. The House of Fraser app is a free app available from the Ovi Store.

Then there is the Daily Front Row app, which delivers the latest up-to-date news from the fashion world direct to your Nokia smartphone, with hundreds of fashion images from across the globe.

The Daily Front Row app enables the user to read the latest news articles, watch videos, whilst selects devices ca share content via Facebook or SMS. The Daily Front Row app can be downloaded to your chosen Nokia handset from the Ovi store at a cost of £1.50.

Next up we have the Elle app for Nokia devices, Elle is one of the world’s most popular fashion outlets and this app delivers the ultimate fashion fix with up-to-the-minute news on celebrities, beauty and fashion.

The Elle app allows the user to keep up with all the latest from the catwalks of London, Paris, New York, and Milan, and is available to download from the Ovi Store as a free application.

Almost there we have the Fashion Week Live app for Nokia, which is a mobile gaming app that enables the user to wile away their time playing the role of a fashion designer’s assistant gearing up for Fashion Week.

The Fashion Week Live app takes the user through different stages with the designer enabling them to deal with situations whilst unlocking different gaming features and earning kudos from your boss. The Fashion Week Live app is a free app from the Ovi Store.

Lastly we have The Sartorialist, one of the most critically acclaimed fashion photographers and blogger who has a regular feature in the GQ magazine and enables the user to follow the trends and styles of fashion.

The Sartorialist app offers the user an insight into the working of the Sartorialist in New York and Milan so you can keep up with the tips on fashion. The Sartorialist app is available from the Ovi Store as a free app.

So there you have it, six best app from the Ovi Store for all you fashion hungry Nokia owners out there; however we know there are loads more fashion apps available so if you have your favourite then feel free to share.

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