Touchless Gestures Via Camera, Smartphone On Horizon

It appears that a smartphone sporting a front facing camera isn’t just for video chatting with your nearest and dearest, as apparently future technology will be bringing the ability to control your smartphone via its front facing camera with just the wave of your hand.

According to an article over on Cnet, the chief tech officer of Extreme Reality, Ofer Sadka, has stated that a type of “touchless gesture interface” is heading for mobile phones.

Apparently 2 variations of the “gesticulation-sensitive interface” where demonstrated at the Texas Instruments booth during Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona, with one using close range gestures by rotating a fist to zoom in and out while the other was used to flip through an image gallery.

Apparently the other was demonstrated from approximately eight metres and used a sweeping arm gesture. The demo was apparently done on an Android powered Texas Instruments hardware development system.

So what do you reckon, is waving your hand in front of your smartphone the future of mobile technology or do you feel it’s taking things a step too far by enabling the user to control the device without actually touching it?

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