Nokia N8 Keyed, Knifed, Frozen and More: Video

For those that enjoy a good old fashioned smartphone torture or just to make the Nokia faithful weep, we have some video footage for your viewing pleasure today of the Symbian^3 sporting Nokia N8 handset being put through various arduous tests.

The Nokia N8 torture tests video come our way courtesy of the guys over at the Boy Genius Report and by way of YouTube user Aleks25111983, and delivers just over six minutes of the Nokia N8 being keyed, knifed, frozen, buried, and washed by the sea.

Unfortunately the video footage commentary is in Russian, but basically you don’t need to know what’s being said to know that the Nokia N8 fares considerably well throughout all the torture tests, and that these tests aren’t done in a factory but in real life.

One thing before you rush out and test out your own Nokia N8, it isn’t a waterproof device so best not to try out that particular test. Head on down, hit that play button and check out the Nokia N8 torture test footage, laugh or cry, but enjoy.


6 thoughts on “Nokia N8 Keyed, Knifed, Frozen and More: Video”

  1. Rockster007 says:

    Thats really amazing. I knew that the aluminium plating was good. But nokia has really put some effort into this. Thanks guys, this really helps me make a right desion on which phone to choose

  2. BostonGeorge says:

    My russians a bit rusty but I'm sure at one point she said 'this is a nokia viral we're making right?' I'm getting one of these tomorrow tho so am quite happy apart from the OS ;(

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