Apple iPad 6-inch Model Possibly On Its Way

Ah the rumours of possibly a mini iPhone simply isn’t enough for the tech world, now we have the possibility of a mini iPad as well, which apparently may hit the mobile space sometime later this year if all pans out to be spot on.

According to an article over on the Boy Genius Report, by way of 9to5 Mac and Super Apple cz, although Apple chief Steve Jobs has already express his view that 7-inch tablets are “dead on arrival” the word is Apple is looking at pushing out an even smaller Apple iPad at 5.7 inches.

Although the origin of the information doesn’t offer up any other details on this 6-inch Apple iPad they do apparently claim to have had said information confirmed by 2 independent sources, unnamed of course.

Apparently the article suggests that the new 6-inch iOS device could see release sometime in the middle of this year.

Personally I can’t see Apple shoving out a smaller version of their iPad that soon after the release of the Apple iPad 2, but stranger things have happened. Perhaps this new iPad if it materialises will be the Apple iPad 2.5, or even the Apple iPad 3 we’re heard rumour of in the past…who knows for sure.


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