Accessories for iPad: ZAGGmate Case with Keyboard

It is always good to see patent pending accessories for iPad and the cool design of the ZAGGmate Case with Keyboard is very good indeed and a somewhat accessory that will be popular indeed.

Combining an iPad Keyboard Dock and the Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard within a case is a stunning idea and will make a perfect companion for your much-loved Apple iPad. This is iPad accessories at its best and we think you will like this one.

The $99.99 ZAGGmate with keyboard has its pros and cons according to MacWorld (Read review Here) and on the positive side of things it is sleek with its compact design and has a solid protection for front and sides of the iPad, it allows full complement of keys and the iPad can be positioned in portrait or landscape orientation.

The downsides they found were it does not protect the back of the iPad and the keys are a little cramped on the keyboard, apparently the sharp edges can make it a little uncomfortable when typing.

Nether the less we say this is a great little product and so much so we have asked for one to be sent to us for review and only then can we judge, but overall we like the look of the design.

For more information please visit Zagg.com where you purchase the ZAGGmate Case with Keyboard for the iPad, you can also buy this product via Best Buy and Amazon for the same price of $99.99. Please do watch the video below to give you more of an insight.


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