Apple iPad 2 Anticipation, T-Mobile and Orange Cut iPad Prices

If carriers chopping down the price of the Apple iPad is any indication to go by that Apple will soon release the Apple iPad 2 into the public arena a couple of carriers have just done so as word has it that T-Mobile and Orange have both slashed the asking price of the original Apple iPad.

According to an article over on 3G apparently Techradar is rporting that the two carriers have now cut the price of the Apple iPad in anticipation of the Apple iPad 2 releasing in the next few weeks.

According to the article it is common practice for product pricing to fall to clear stock to make way for a new device and word has it the Apple iPad has now gained a substantial price drop with both carriers now offering the iOS device for £99 on a 2-year contract.

However apparently T-Mobile is only making the discounted price offer for existing customers, while Orange extend the price drop to new customers, but as the original price was £199 on contract it’s still a saving of a hundred quid.

So does this move by Orange and T-Mobile signify that the next generation Apple iPad will hit UK shores fairly soon?

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