Calories Counter and Calculator: FoodPad Calorie Tracker App

Watching your calories is something many of us do and trying to keep track is somewhat a little hard to cope with sometimes, well we would to let you know about the calories counter and calculator “FoodPad Calorie Tracker” app.

The FoodPad Calorie Tracker iOS app is a very good application to have installed on your iPhone, thanks to Lightbringer Software things have just got easy to keep track.

All you need to do is enter the name of the food and number of calories it has and then tap the add food, it is as simple as that. There are many main features such as ‘Food History’ that when you have entered a food this app will remember it, basically in a nutsell if you have type it in before soon as you start typing again it will find it for you and you simply tap to add.

Another cool feature is the ‘Recipe Calculator’, if you have just eaten some homemade foods how do you know what calories it contains as the label is not on homemade foods, well this feature is good because the Recipe Calculator makes it so easy to find how many calories are in your favorite homemade meals, the app also comes with a history graph to see how well you are doing over a period amount of time.

The app also had an update that has given the interface an enhancement; this update added a new button to the history list view that allows you to add foods to previous days.

For more information and option to install please visit iTunes, if you have this app please use the commenting area below to send in your personal review.

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