Windows Phone 7 Update Possibly Hitting This Week, Only Minor Though

For the Windows Phone 7 faithful who have been patiently waiting for Microsoft to shove out an update for the Windows Phone 7 platform, the word is your WP7 handset just might see an OS update sometime this week, although probably not the biggie one expected.

According to an article over on Unwired View, the update that most have been waiting for, the “copy and paste” NoDo update is still scheduled for March and won’t be included in the minor update rumoured to hit this week.

Apparently a tipster has informed the guys at WMPowerUser that Microsoft will push out a minor update to Windows Phone 7 smartphone possibly beginning tomorrow the 22nd Feb, and the word is the small update wont actually deliver any new features but rather “pave the way” for the NoDo update in March.

Unfortunately no other info on the minor update is offered, but we suggest Windows Phone 7 users keep their eyes open for the update to hit sometime this week, and of course once you receive it and if you do happen to find anything new, feel free to let us know by posting to our comments area below.


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