iPhone 4 Kicked Out of Top 5 in Best Phones Chart

With all the hype over Apple Gear such as the Apple iPad 2 and the iPhone 4 one would have expected the iPhone 4 to command a high ranking when it comes to mobile phone popularity charts: however, apparently the latest survey by uSwitch sees the iPhone 4 16GB drop out of the top 5.

According to an article over on ITProportal, according to the survey conducted by uSwitch, Android dominates the top 3 slots with the HTC Desire, HTC Desire HD and HTC Wlidfire. The uSwitch Tracker ranks the top handsets by way of live searches and sales.

Bringing up 4th place in the chart is the BlackBerry Curve 8520 and 5th place goes to yet another Android smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S, pushing the iPhone 4 out of the top 5 to sit in sixth position.

Thus it would appear that Android is beating the iPhone in the mobile space, and could be one of the reasons why Apple is considering putting out a cheaper version of their iconic handset. According to the figures Android devices now account for fifty percent of the most popular smartphones on the market.

According to uSwitch communications expert, Ernest Doku, “The competition is taking a huge bite out of Apple’s market. And, with over 800,000 deals currently giving away a smartphone for free, it’s easy to see how consumers are being lured away from the iPhone.”

So have any of our readers been lured away from the iPhone and have purchased an Android device instead? Do you think the iPhone is finally losing its grip over the mobile space to Android handsets, or do you believe the iPhone will always be tops in your view?


9 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Kicked Out of Top 5 in Best Phones Chart”

  1. BrK says:

    3 offered me an iphone 4 at 349 on a two-year deal, and I almost went for it but pulled out and opted for the same contract with a free Samsung Galaxy. Problems getting used to the phone, but I'm definitely glad I didn't fork out the big money for the iphone.

  2. Mr Teroo says:

    Not lured away from the iPhone, the HTC Desire is just better.

    The Emporer's New Clothes that is the iPhone is a marketing man's creation.

    Like all Apple products, over priced, over hyped & lacking in features that have been standard in similar products for years.

  3. ADDICT says:

    I Was a Die Hard Nokia Fan until HTC got us Android phones with Sense and now am a fan of Android and HTC.

    I never got myself an Iphone but did buy an Ipod Touch just to check out the software, and I must say although Apple's OS paved the way to this new wave of smartphone its loosing out badly to android.

    I have just got a windows phone and although I like the new interface it still needs a lot of work.

    So Yeah overall Android Is the way for me

    Next phone I am considering are ( Samsung galazy S2 , HtC Incredible S , LG Optimus 3D and Motorola ATrix)

    might consider the Iphone 5 if its a 4" screen ( love those big screens for browsing like my HTC HD 7 )

  4. Josh says:

    HTC definitely in the lead right now, but much of this is simply down to which phone is the latest release. Right now it's the HTC Desire HD (despite problems with battery and proximity sensor). Next it'll be Samsung Galaxy S2 with its amazing super amoled plus screen (until people realise the software is laggy and Samsung don't roll out updates as well as HTC etc!) All the phones have the same kinds of upsides and downsides. What works in ones favour can also work against it. The one thing in Apple's favour is that it's control of its own software means that unlike Android, updates don't have to go via Google > Phone brand > Mobile carrier before being updated. iPhone 5 probably Summer or September so will be slightly fairer to judge then.. Personally prefer iOS to the sometimes complex Android, shame Apple's prices are so high (rumoured to be getting cheaper in iPhone 5) but it's good to have such choice 🙂

  5. Brit Marshal says:

    The iPhone hype has gone down drastically, I have the iPhone 3GS and I will consider switching to Android once my contract is over. The iPhone now is stale even with iOS 4.

  6. Pavel says:

    I'm happy owner of HTC Desire (altough waiting for something with bigger screen later on) ex-WM user and ex-Nokia fan(since they fucked up brilliant mameo and sold souls to WP7)
    Now here are my personal opinions why I like Android:
    I wouldn't trade Google Maps app for anything… brilliant navigation(tom-tom..you are in trouble), maps, 3D views of area (trying to find some nice place to stay/travel/live), plan public transport, even do usual search…Half of my life is now managed trough this app only.
    Then there is google calendar, tasks, social media apps, flash player for ocassional web video news and youtube stuff…all synchronized with my pc…no wires no hassles…just how it should be on all phones
    chrome-to-phone is absolutely brilliant and useful…. very clever
    Now include thousands and thousands of additional apps…brilliant hardware and I have my winner.
    Office apps synchronized with google docs are my business winner.
    There are many other reasons…just pointing out some of my favourites

  7. Scoops says:

    I've got an iphone4 (32Gb) it is by far and away the worst phone i've ever owned. It's not too bad as a toy, but as a phone it is absolutely useless. I'm sending it back, actually I may insure it then pound the hell out of it when it loses its signal, misses calls, cannot connect despite professing a full signal freezes etc etc. Back to Nokia methinks!

  8. Karl says:

    I have always been a Nokia fan and as such have had a long wedded bliss to them, sure i have had a couple of affairs with motorola and erricson along the way but all in all would say i was a faithful user. However last September I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life when listening to all the hype about the N900/MeeGo/Maemo love affair and how Nokia were going to be putting all their efforts into using this as a new OS for Nokia. Five months later and hey guess what? Windows here we come. So now stuck with a phone that no one is updating, does not give me Maps, which even my old E71 did, and what remains of a 24 month contract. Now just to rub salt in the wounds my wife has just got a new HTC Desire, trading in her old N97 (piece of shite that was). OMG how I so want that phone. Have had a look at IPhone 4 but the only reason i can see why people would want one is to say that they have one. The HTC Desire however is amazing, have been on several websites to look at the best apps and downloaded them all. Battery life is excellent, and comparing the battery to the N900 would be to compare Ben Nevis to Mount Everest! The reason why i am Writing this is that I have just spent out the £330 required to get a sim free HTC Desire and am in no way feeling bad about spending the money. Just feel a right idiot for getting involved with Nokia again. But that has been remedied and will no longer be an issue. Cant see why anyone would look at them until they get on the android bandwagon.

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