Mobile Phone Usage Can Cause Temporary Brain Changes

As you are probably aware, health concerns over the usage of mobile phones has always been in the background for years, and by now everyone should realise that using a mobile phone when driving isn’t a good idea; and the latest info apparently show that even just placing the device to your ear can cause temporary changes to the brain.

According to an article over on Boston.com, new research recently published by the Journal of the American Medical Association make the claim that the simple use of a mobile handset can deliver slight effects on the cells of the brain; however apparently doesn’t extrapolate as to whether mobile phones increase any risk of brain cancer.

Apparently the study does show that using a mobile phone can temporarily raise brain cell metabolism such as glucose and sugar in areas that are close to the handset antenna and is apparently the first research of its kind to examine that area of brain function with a mobile phone.

The study ran “Positron Emission Tomography – an imaging test that measures cells’ uptake of glucose” brain scans on 47 healthy participants whilst a mobile phone was attached to the ear for 50 minutes during a muted call, the results of which showed a 7% increase in glucose metabolism in the brain area closest to the device.

According to Dr Nora Volkow, the study author, “It’s not a dramatic increase It’s more in the range of the brain activation that occurs in, say, the language center when you’re speaking,’’ and added, “I wish my study could enlighten brain cancer risks. But we don’t know whether activation from cellphones could be negative, or even whether it could be beneficial.’’

Does the thought that your smartphone may be able to make subtle changes to your brain although only temporary give you cause for concern, or do you feel the use of a mobile device is safe no matter what the medical profession reports?

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