Android & Maemo Mozilla Firefox Beta 4: Better for Tablets

The new Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta has just been released for Android and Maemo, it as now available from the Android Market and on your Nokia Maemo device.

The new Firefox 4 Beta now adds improved stability and better performance, it is much faster and even easier than before to use with a few added improvements. Faster start up and page load times, plus Increased JavaScript performance and Major stability improvements.

For more information on this please visit The Mozilla Blog, we decided to look a little further into this and came across ZDnet and they have a few interesting details worth sharing with you.

ZDnet say the overall Firefox 4 for Android is more than likely to become a go-to mobile browser but would be more suited for tablets and that the best part is the Firefox 4 was the Sync feature. The downside according to the source is that linking the desktop browser to the phone is a little difficult and requires a long sync key, but once done is worth it.

Going back to being better on the tablet is down to many new tablet PC’s releasing of late and with Firefox’s features such as Sync, tabbed browsing and mobile add-ons it only makes sense to have it as it will work better on a larger screen.

Please do post your comments below as we would love to know what you think of the above. For more information on how to test Android & Maemo Mozilla Firefox Beta 4 please visit the here.

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