Bluetooth Headset Hands-On Review: ECO Sound Engineering V268

Our good friends WirelessGround recently sent us the ECO Sound Engineering V268 Bluetooth Wireless Headset and it is that time where we give it our hands-on review, obviously we will give you first impressions, out of the box, about the device itself and of course our verdict.

Before we start we also have plenty of photos we have taken for you to have a look and see what you think about the product, we will try and make this painless and not too boring.

First Impressions — Out Of The Box
Got to admit, when we first saw the ECO Sound Engineering V268 Bluetooth Wireless Headset there was no excitement just a simple box with the headset on show through the plastic insert within, but the box has all the info you need to get an idea what the device can offer you. Keep looking at the box you start to realize it is nice packaging that is simple, to the point and quite cute to be honest. But come on now we are not here to chat about the packaging, this is a review so we will say all.

Let’s Start of With The Size & Weight
Let’s start with the size! WOW is what we think of the size because it is small and in the photos we have taken (See Below) we have put it side-by-side against a 20 pence coin, it is only L33 x W16 x H9.5 (mm) and weighs only 6.4 grams. Even with the ear hook attached it still weighs next to nothing, so if you are not looking for bulky then the ECO Sound Engineering V268 scores a point.

Design and Attractiveness:
The whole design is very good indeed, it is sleek looking and when in the ear you sometimes forget it is there and a few times got out of the car and walked around with the headset still in my ear looking like an idiot know doubt. It is very small indeed and was wondering if this is the sort of headset that would most suit a woman seeing as it is cute, but no is the answer to that because it works and fits well. It is black in colour so that it goes with and fashion or trend.

Ease of Use
To start of with it comes with a little instruction manual, we say little because it is small. The directions are so easy to follow even a non-tech person could follow it; trust us when we say it is VERY easy to use. Read the next bit just to get an idea, and we will make it sound easier than the directions sheet it came with.

Our Quick Directions
Grab your mobile phone and then switch it off to refresh it (You only need to do this once) this is not needed but good to refresh handset. Now turn it back on and go into your settings and turn phone’s Bluetooth on, now grab the V268 Bluetooth Wireless Headset and hold the button (The one with the phone picture) down for 6 seconds, it will flash blue and then you will be prompted on the phone for a code, enter 0000 and job done your paired.

How Much Is It
This is the best part; the regular price is normally $29.95 but thanks to WirelessGround stamping a 67 percent saving on it you can buy for only and get this ONLY $9.95. Now that is a bargain

Operating Distance and Usage Times
You can use this device up to 10 meters away from your device and it will give you up to around 4.5 hours talk time and up to about 100 hours standby time. Charging the device will take about 2 hours for full charge.

Our Overall Verdict
Got to admit it is fairly small, you know the part where the word “Dainty” comes into play, it only comes with 2 Buttons; +/- volume and multi-function button for easy call answer, reject, end, redial, and voice dialing, simplicity is always a good thing. It is lightweight and the call clarity is reasonable, a little bit distorted at times but that could have been the area I was in.

I did receive phones calls and out of about 10 people one said that I sounded like I was in a fish bowl, does kind of make me wonder how many fish bowls they have sat in but hey. The price tag of only $9.95 is fantastic and you are getting a decent Bluetooth headset, the LED light is great because it responds to your input. This is good value for money.

Please do head on over to WirelessGround and bag yourself a bargain, only $9.95 and with free shipping. Please do look at all our photos of the ECO Sound Engineering V268 Bluetooth Wireless Headset and below that you can watch the YouTube video of WirelessGround’s Larry Greenberg video review.

The Photos


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