Apple iOS Dominates Just About Everywhere Apparently

There’s always going to be some contention as to whether Apple’s iPhone and Apple iPad mobile operating system is falling behind relative newcomer Android, and many have said Android is gaining rapidly on iOS, we even had a visualisation of the rise of Android the other day, which can be seen (here).

However according to an article over on Mobile Syrup, an infographic has been created by iCrossing, which shows the global percentages of Apple’s iOS dominance as of February this year.

According to the infographic, Apple dominates Canada with 77 percent of the mobile OS market share, the USA with 35 percent market share, and the UK with 42 percent market share.

In Canada, the US and the UK, Apple is followed by BlackBerry with 8 percent in Canada, 28 percent in the US and 36 percent in the UK.

However when it comes to India, Egypt, China, and Tunisia, Nokia dominates the mobile OS market share. In Australia Apple dominates with 74 percent while in Japan Apple dominates with 58 percent.

When it comes to Android, in the US, Canada and the UK, Android takes third place with 27 percent of the US market, 8 percent of the Canadian market and 12 percent of the UK market.

For those that are interested in this type of thing you can check out a large image of the infographic by heading over to Here.

Is iOS more widespread than Android? iOS fanboys will tell you yes, the Android faithful will say otherwise, which side do you come down on?


One thought on “Apple iOS Dominates Just About Everywhere Apparently”

  1. Barney says:

    That's based on browser statistics not OS share a pretty crucial difference, the data comes from statcounter. The claim that iOS dominates Symbian in the UK is the obvious giveaway, that something is fishy. Automatically only smartphones are included in the charts and then the results are heavily weighted by the demographic that buy each type of phone.
    If you also add in reports like this: http://www.uswitch.com/news/communications/apple-
    It looks unlikely that iOS is anywhere near the top of the hill.

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