Block’em Stereo 3D Game App via Android Market

If you can’t wait until LG releases the first mobile phone with a stereoscopic 3D screen… you can always give this 3d Tetris clone a go: Block’em 3D. A fun retro game, with or without the funny colored glasses.

Before you think “3D Tetris, what a novel idea!” it’s not. Way back in the day an MS DOS game called BlockOut did exactly that. Still it’s always nice to see old idea’s revamped in a retro package, which is just what Block’em 3D is. An addictive and fun way to kill the time and even test and develop your special recognition skills.

Prepare to look silly though, walking the streets with red/cyan glasses, but it really does work well. I do recommend only using it that particular feature at home though. You’ll need either one of these three possible glasses to see the real stereoscopic 3D: Red/Cyan, Red/Green, Red/Blue or Green/Magenta. Maybe you still have a paper one lying around from a magazine or from one of those older 3D movies. If not, you can get them online for next to nothing.

Even if you don’t use the stereoscopic 3D, it still is a fully-fledged game on its own. With the addition of Nukes, Chain bonuses, Online highscore and many different controlling scheme’s, this game can keep you busy for hours and addicted in minutes.

Available through the Android Market as a free LITE version and the FULL version for €2,50.


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