Verizon iPhone Suffers Antenna Problems Consumer Reports Doesn’t Recommend

Now I’m sure that most remember the debacle of the iPhone 4 antenna problem which became known as the ‘death grip’ and that Consumer Reports wouldn’t and still doesn’t recommend the iPhone 4, well it looks like the Verizon iPhone has gone the same way.

According to an article over on Phone Dog by Alex Wagner, Consumer Reports is claiming that the Verizon iPhone suffers from a similar antenna problem as the AT&T iPhone, which sought of justifies the earlier rumours of antenna issues with the CDMA iPhone.

Thus just like the GSM iPhone with AT&T, Consumer Reports does not recommend the iOS device. Apparently Consumer Reports engineers put the Verizon iPhone through a bunch of regular tests and followed with the special test they used on the AT&T iPhone.

Also to make a comparison with other Big Red smartphones the engineers also tested the HTC Droid Incredible, Motorola Droid X, Motorola Droid 2 Global, LG Ally and the Samsung Fascinate, and apparently the only handset that showed a problem when finger contact caused a decline in performance was the Apple iPhone 4.

There hasn’t been as much of a kick up over the Verizon iPhone antenna showing ‘death grip’ issues unlike the stink attached to Apple and AT&T with the GSM version, but it would appear the CDMA version does suffer the same issue to some extent.

We have the Consumer Reports video review of the Verizon iPhone 4 for your viewing consideration below, so check out what they have to say.

So, what we’d like to know from any of our readers who have purchase the Verizon iPhone is have you experienced any antenna problems with your new device?


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  1. Carl says:

    This is NOT true at ALL! I weigh 300 pounds and my Verizon IPhone has been buried DEEP down in my pocket and it still has full bars, gets emails, text, ect!!!! My question is “Who dis At&t pay to Say this”? Since sales are seriously declining for them and they are Loosing tons of customers?? Also is a rumor they may be filing bankruptcy soon!!!!!

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