Microsoft Bungs Geohot Bundle of Bucks to Fight Sony

I’m pretty sure most iPhone users know that iPhone hacking master Geohot is currently in a hot legal battle with Sony over his jailbreaking of the company’s beloved PS3, and that Geohot put out a request for support to aid in said battle.

Well low and behold it appears that a major player has stepped up to the mark and donated a bundle of dosh to Geohot’s legal campaign as according to an article over on Daily iPhone Blog by way of the iPhone Download Blog, and Everything HQ, Microsoft has donated a substantial amount of cash to cover Geohot’s legal fees.

Here’s what the source article says…” The information comes from a source close to the matter who must remain anonymous that in an attempt to help George win his case, and thus making it legal to hack the >PlayStation 3, the company anonymously donated a large lump of cash so he could cover his court fees; remember: only 2 days had passed after Hotz requested the money and then received all of the money.”

We already know that Microsoft has invited Geohot to develop for their Windows Phone 7 platform, and of course there’s no mention as to the exact amount Microsoft has stumped up, but it sure must smart with Sony knowing that Microsoft is paying for Geohot to fight them.


5 thoughts on “Microsoft Bungs Geohot Bundle of Bucks to Fight Sony”

  1. Nicholas Fellows says:

    This seems a rather dubious move on Microsoft's part , since Sony losing on this would be bad for them too – effectively meaning it would be OK to do to the XBox 360 and any subsequent consoles as Geohot has done for the PS3. I very much doubt this is true.

    @Tam Toyz – I dont see how sony losing this fight in the long term would benefit Microsoft – Some bad press and Financial losses for Sony. But in the long term this can only be a bad thing for them too.

  2. jip says:

    Microsoft are a bunch of dicks, there paying someone to hack a competitors console basicaly, even though they don't want their own console to be hacked, hacked xbox's keep getting banned from the microsoft network so why help the hacker to do the same thing. DEATH TO GEOHOT< DEATH TO MICROSOFt, DEATH TO BILL GATES, LONG LIVE SONY

    1. jop says:

      You're an idiot. For years, Microsoft has supported the hacking community. They see how homebrew helps a system. Hell, they even congratulated the first man to jailbreak their new cell phone operating system. Sony's just a douche about it.

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