iTunes Jailbreakers Alternative Coming From iPhone Dev Team

If are one of the many iOS users with a jailbroken iPhone you probably use Cydia for jailbroken apps but still have to use iTunes, however you may not have to at some point in the future if rumours are correct and a new alternative iTunes for jailbreakers turns up.

The word is according to an article over on Daily iPhone Blog and by way of the iPhone Download Blog that the iPhone Dev Team may be in the early stages of coming up with an alternative iTunes for jailbreakers.

Apparently the rumour of a jailbreak specific iTunes possibility has come via a tweet from noted jailbreak developer P0sixninja, who was asked if there would be an alternative to iTunes, to which P0sixninja responded…”yes, soon.”

However don’t go expecting the new jailbreak iTunes to appear overnight as apparently the earliest users are likely to see the replacement arrive is sometime in the autumn of this year.

Of course if an iTunes for jailbreakers does turn up, no doubt it will really annoy Apple who will undoubtedly attempt to block it as they do with every other jailbreak solution.

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