iPhone 5 Part Shown and May Come Sporting a Sliding Cover

More speculation on the next generation Apple iPhone has hit the net waves, this time an image of a purported iPhone 5 part along with the speculation that the iPhone 5 may come out to play carrying a sliding cover of some description.

According to an article over on Apple Insider, Chinese site Tw.apple.pro have posted what appears to be a picture of the 30-pin dock connector cable for the next generation iOS smartphone, with the item tag of 821-1300-02 HF/c1.

According to the Chinese site via a rough translation by Google, the previous rumours that the iPhone 5 may arrive with a larger edge-to-edge display are fake, and claims that the latest piece of mobile tech from the Apple camp will have a “frame shape” the same as the iPhone 4 but will be “slightly thicker,” and have a “sliding cover.”

No real word on just what the iPhone 5 “sliding cover” will offer, whether it would deliver a physical keyboard to the iPhone is unsure, but the same site also claimed earlier that there are 3 iPhone 5 prototypes, one of which would have a sliding keyboard.

Obviously this is all firmly in the speculation stages at the moment so should be taken with the usual pinch of salt, but would iPhone users like to see a physical keyboard finally come to the iPhone?

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