HTC Thunderbolt Release Date: Verizon Doesn’t Have a Clue

No doubt the continued delay with the HTC Thunderbolt handset is annoying many potential customers, and apparently Verizon recognises this and has posted a reply to their official Facebook page concerning the release date of the Android 2.2 Froyo handset.

According to an article over on Zoknowsgaming, the Big Red took to the social networking site to let their fans know that they will announce the release date as soon as it’s confirmed.

Here’s the Verizon Facebook announcement…” Hey fans, we appreciate all the excitement about the anticipated launch of the ThunderBolt by HTC. We’re excited too! Verizon 4G LTE is America’s fastest, most advanced 4G network & we want to ensure the advanced technology behind our first 4G LTE phone is flawless. We will announce its release date as soon as it is confirmed. Thanks for your support & patience while we work to bring you the ThunderBolt by HTC.”

So basically Verizon are saying they don’t really have any clue as to when the HTC Thunderbolt will come out to play, so will customers see the HTC Thunderbolt on the 4th or 10th? Don’t bother asking Verizon, as they clearly have no clue as to when the device will hit shelves.


8 thoughts on “HTC Thunderbolt Release Date: Verizon Doesn’t Have a Clue”

  1. LongIslandJim says:

    If they dont release it soon, it will be a huge flop and just a memory. The way technology gets outdated in a week, people will step right over the T-bolt and move on to the next. Droid bionic is right on its heels and I hear iphone 5 is soon too.Dont let the T-bolt be the next betamax or HD dvd. Get it together verizon and htc. its a phone not a cure for cancer!

  2. presto3344 says:

    I would not hold your breath for the March 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, or 10th ect… release date. I have been dead on thus far with my info and predictions. Verizon just keeps dropping the ball. The Thunderbolt is going to be a big disappointment if Verizon continues to be involved. This phone will be marked down to $150.00 before the summer even starts and everyone will have forgotten all about the Thunderbolt. The Thunderbolt is alot of rumbling and no big thunder bang or lightning to follow. What a joke so far. I am going to pass on the Thunderbolt. Also, no Skype upon release (per rumors)and no comfirmed release date. What a disappointment for a phone that had so much hype. It is not that hard if they just think of customer relations and keep people imformed. The iphone 4 (or was that the iphone 3 ha ha) was a bust and the Thunderbolt is going to be a bigger bust. I would like to see the quarterly earnings for Verizon after not delivering once again. It appears Verizon has bitten off more than they can chew right now and this is why they are not giving out any information for a release date. ____

  3. Bill says:

    It looks doubtful the release date is anytime soon, including March 4 or 10. Verizon advanced sold the IPhone for how long? Announced it's date long before it was released. There must be a serious problem with the TB phone or 4G network (more likely). Look at the problem with the originally released IPhone 4. Consider how Consumer Reports will not recommend the IPhone 4 sold by Verizon because of its problems. How would Verizon look if they released another problem phone right after the problem ridden IPhone 4. They aren't in a hurry to do that and as has been reported, the IPhone 4 sales have not met expectations so they don't want to end up with warehouses around the country filled with IPhones. That would hurt their bottom line, their only real concern. Sit back and relax as the Miss-Managed Verizon tries to figure out what to do as technology passes them by. You know they are losing customers to the other 3 Carriers and their 4G network, Verizons network just isn't ready for phones, it is just bait to hold as many customers from switching as they can. You can't sell something you don't have.

    1. MATHEW says:


  4. Cyaun says:

    It's getting ridiculous at this point. I'm a very tech-addicted person, but I still remain patient, as I see the problem with mindless consumption -especially my own. But, I think mistakes were made in the marketing area, as far as how early they showed off the device, added it to their website, encouraged(?) Best Buy to take pre-orders and then gave them some idea of when it would be released (where did BBY get Feb.14th?).

    1. Donna says:

      I just called and talked to someone through Verizon customer service and she verified that Verizon was the one that gave the Feb. !4th date to everyone. She said that all the Verizon employees were told the phone would be out on the 14th and then were notified that there was a delay when they didn't arrive.

  5. Sioux23 says:

    I got a call from Best Buy saying the reason for the delay is they're trying to get they skype to work again, just praying that its still included in the phone considering the major "delay" although they never gave a release date. people are just starting to panic because BEST BUY is rushing things by giving the pre-order options and saying feb 14 which they had to just pull out of thin air considering its now march second and still no words, i'm just hoping its out before the end of march or else i might actually have to give into the wait and get something else like i'm sure a lot of other people are going to do also.

  6. Joe says:

    First off mr. Blog writer. Verizon is not plural. So “Verizon are…” doesn’t make sense.

    Using the term, “no clue” is competely inaccurate. The statement from Verizon is that they are waiting for the date to be “confirmed” before they officially announce it.

    By very definition, there is a clue. They have a date in mind. Just not confirmed yet.

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