iPhone 5 Edge-to-Edge Display Picture & Integrated SIM Card

The latest news covering the Apple iPhone 5 is the appearance of edge-to-edge display, the rumors keep coming in but the picture shown below seems to be real enough.

The new iPhone display screen has shown up on a Chinese reseller’s website Ideals China, mentioning that Apple could be possibly working on a new edge-to-edge 4-inch screen.

Over the last week or so including new reports have come in suggesting new features for the iPhone 5 like the 30-pin dock connector cable for the next generation iOS smartphone, with the item tag of 821-1300-02 HF/c1, there is also information covering the sliding cover feature, you can read all about that here. When you visit our earlier article published today James mentions that the iPhone 5 coming with a larger edge-to-edge display is fake.

According to 9to5mac the Apple iPhone 5 could possibly support a newly upgraded processor aka A5, also suggested is a new integrated SIM card and a Gobi WWAN chip.

All the above is pure speculation until we hear from Apple so please take all this news lightly until further notice, it is always nice to see new features but until official announcements are made we will know for sure. Other rumours suggest that the new iPhone 5 will not be 4G LTE yet again time will tell.

Please be patient and we will bring you official information soon, hopefully tomorrow will reveal all who knows.

Source – MacWorld


2 thoughts on “iPhone 5 Edge-to-Edge Display Picture & Integrated SIM Card”

  1. The edge to edge rumor is likely to be false, mostly because of where the information came from. If we were to trust every rumour verbatim, then the iPhone 4 should've had a 3D screen too

  2. john says:

    question 1, is there an app or softwere that will inable the verizons iphone 4 to talk and surf the net?
    Question 2, will the new verizon i phone 5 allow you to talk and surf the web ? Please reply back

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