Android Samsung Galaxy S 4G Software Walkthrough Video

For those that are considering picking up the Samsung Galaxy S 4G smartphone on the T-Mobile network you might like to know what software bundles and customisation T-Mobile has done to the Android device before purchasing the handset.

Thus what we have for your viewing consideration today is a Samsung Galaxy S 4G software walkthrough, which has been carried out by the guys over at Pocket Now, and last some then minutes.

In the footage the guys show us what has changed compared to previous Galaxy S versions and what is unique to this particular model, including quite a few add-ons from T-Mobile and Samsung including T-Mobile TV, Inception movie preloaded, visual voicemail, WiFi calling and more.

Apparently the Android 2.2 Froyo packing Samsung Vibrant 4G variant also comes with numerous other freeware, which the user needs to set up accounts for such as Facebook, Amazon MP3, a Kindle app, ThinkFree Office and DoubleTwist’s AirSync.

However I have no wish to spoil you viewing pleasure so I’ll stop right there and simply let you jump on down to hit that play button and check out this software walkthrough of the Samsung Galaxy S 4G…enjoy.


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