iOS 5.0 USB Drive Support: iPad 2 Mystery Port

Seeing as the Apple iPad 2 event is on tonight from 6PM UK time we thought we would mention some news regarding iOS 5.0 adding USB Drive Support.

According to iPhoneHelp and their screenshot they have on their site (Shown above) it shows a USB Drive App icon, it does look pretty much the same as seen before USB Drive app that is available via Cydia (repo).

This new app icon allows users to customize and partition the storage phone memory, now the great news will be if at the iPad 2 event later on today (See start times) they will show a sneak preview of iOS 5.O and what features may be within.

Now if we go back at the Apple iPad 2, many reports suggest that the new tablet does not have enough room for a USB port and no official information has come to us as of yet in what the design or what features the new iPad will have. This is the bit where you sit back and relax and wait a few more hours to see what is revealed.

Could the iOS 5 have the USB drive? Please stay with us we will have so much information for you later, hopefully Apple can deliver.

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