iPad 2 March Event Live Times: Steve Jobs Possible Attendance

Today is the day when the Apple iPad 2 March Event kicks off and we have all the live times just for you, there is also the news of Steve Jobs possible attendance.

According to many sources 9to5Mac being one of them is the possible appearance of Steve Jobs attending the Apple iPad 2 event at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, this is not for sure as of yet and tonight when it all starts will reveal all.

Engadget is running a liveblog today and here are all the times you need to know as not to miss out: Hawaii 08:00AM, Pacific 10:00AM, Mountain 11:00AM, Central 12:00PM, Eastern 01:00PM, London 06:00PM, it will be 07:00PM in Paris, Moscow will be 09:00PM, Mumbai 11:30PM, Tokyo (March 3rd) at 03:00AM and Sydney (March 3rd) at 05:00AM.

So what will the iPad 2 look like? What will be the main features? Will it house front and rear facing cameras? Oh so many question hopefully tonight will answer for us.

Earlier today phonesreview.co.uk colleague James reported in an article via 9to5Mac and Business Insider that Apple may possibly launch a new social networking app, we will cover much more today so please stay with us as we will be following the event that kicks of 6pm UK time.

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One thought on “iPad 2 March Event Live Times: Steve Jobs Possible Attendance”

  1. Cameron McKenzie says:

    My Prediction:
    – iPlayer integrated into Apple TV.
    – A new iPhone if not a 5, a cheaper version.
    – New Airport
    – iPad 2
    – MobileMe overhaul

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