Apple iPad 2 Event May Produce Launch of Social Networking App

As you are no doubt aware, Apple is holding an Apple iPad 2 event later today where it is expected Apple will unveil the next generation iOS tablet, but what else might Apple have up their sleeve for the event, a social networking app perhaps?

According to an article over on 9to5 Mac, the guys over at Business Insider are hearing whispers that along with the unveiling of the next generation Apple iPad, and possibly Apple showcasing iOS 5, Apple may just launch a social networking app.

Now the article does state that this whisper comes via one source and is “second-hand gossip” so naturally the news should be taken with a very large pinch of salt and treated as only a rumour, but we report what we find.

Anyway apparently the unnamed source speculates that this supposed “social networking app” could possibly have some type of media sharing and possibly image sharing.

The 9to5 Mac guys suggest that possibly these whispers could be to do with a social networking idea Apple recently patented called “Places,” which popped up on Patently Apple a while back. Also they suggest it could be MediaStream or Find My Friends.

However, no doubt there will be many unverified whisper floating around until later today when Apple finally reveals all at the Apple iPad 2 event.

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