Apple iPad 2 Compared to iPad: Video

Well as with all things tech when a new release of an old tech comes about one simply has to compare the new version with the older model, it’s the way of the tech world. Thus we have a quick comparison video for your viewing pleasure below of the new Apple iPad 2 up against the old iOS tablet.

The Apple iPad 2 versus the Apple iPad comparison footage comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily iPhone Blog and by way of the Shiny Media YouTube page and delivers a 33 second size comparison between the Apple tablets.

In the video footage you can see just how super slim the new Apple iPad 2 is compared to its predecessor, apparently the Apple iPad 2 weighs in at 601 grams and is just 8.8 millimetres thick.

Other than that there’s not a great deal to see other than the obvious excitement from the people involved in the video, so all you need do is head on down and punch that play button and check out this short size comparison between Apple’s two offerings…enjoy.

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