Apple iPad 2 First Look Hands On Video

Well folks Apple went all official with their latest iOS tablet yesterday as everyone expected, and today we bring you some video footage of the new Apple iPad 2 for your viewing pleasure below which shows off just how speedy the new device is.

The Apple iPad 2 hands-on video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily iPhone Blog courtesy of the guys at Engadget who managed to get a few minutes playtime with the white version of the iPad 2 and delivers a two and a half minutes first look.

You are probably aware that the second-generation Apple iPad improves on design by being thinner, apparently thinner than the iPhone 4, and the Engadget guys say the device is “tight and solid.” They also say that the Apple iPad 2 is “insanely fast,” something you’ll see in the footage below.

You are probably aware by now of the Apple iPad 2 specs so I wont go over them again here, but rather just let you jump on down and feast your eyes on Apple’s latest piece of tech, oh and if you need more visual entertainment with the iPad 2, Engadget has another 3 videos on their article.

So spare a couple of minutes to check out the video below and feel free to let us know what you think of the Apple iPad 2 by dropping us a comment…enjoy.


One thought on “Apple iPad 2 First Look Hands On Video”

  1. you can't compare android and apple ios especially when android clearly requires more memory. compare a 256mb droid to a 256mb ipod touch. overclock the droid and load in custom kernels and even then it can't multitask for crap. i expect an ios device to perform equally with about half the ram of an android device.but of course everyone will continue to gawk at all these behemoth specs android manufacturers tout. how much does dual core bring when your ui is still choppy and your OS hiccups left and right.

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