iOS 4.3 iPad 2 March Release Date, AirpPlay & FaceTime

The new iPad 2 has officially been announced today by Steve Jobs and like we said earlier it would be released March 11, the final version OS 4.3 will be released onto the iPad 2 as well.

The new iOS 4.3 on the iPad 2 will include AirPlay and FaceTime, there is a feature called Nitro Javscript engine from Safari on OS X, it will also have the new iTunes Home Sharing features where users will be able to play content from desktop iTunes over WiFi.

Apparently will have the ability to for App Store apps to share audio and video are included and another great option that allows users to assign the side switch to either rotation lock or mute.

Other little goodies include Personal Hotspot support, Photo Booth and FaceTime for the new cameras according to Engagdet; please visit this source for more information and a few pictures in their gallery.

Please let us know what you think so far, we will keep bringing you more news on the new iPad 2 and other related news. Well happy that Steve Jobs made it to the event to reveal all.


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  1. It's a simple way to get your whole iTunes library of music and videos onto your HDTV/Bose speakers. That's the only reason I want one. Since it's cheap and small, it wouldn't be a big deal to have. The airplay updates are only for the iPad though. You don't need to update the apple tv for them to work, so no real reason to want the update.

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