iPad 2 UK, U.S March Release Dates and Price

Yesterday was an eventful day and Apple really put on a good show announcing its new Apple iPad 2, Steve Jobs talked about features and what the new tablet could offer. Well we have UK and U.S release dates and prices for you.

The Apple iPad 2 U.S release will be March 11 and its prices will start from $499, the release date in the UK will be March 25 with start price at £439 for 16GB Wi-Fi and £539 for 16GB Wi-Fi + 3G model.

You will be able to buy the Apple iPad 2 in either Black or White (Shame they cannot give us a white iPhone 4), the new iPad now features front and rear facing cameras and a new A5 processor chip. We will bring you full specs later on today please do come back.

For more information on the Apple iPad 2 for now please visit Apple U.S and Apple UK, we do recommend you visit our earlier article here and check out the hands-on video of the iPad 2.

Will you be buying the iPad 2 or do you prefer the Motorola Xoom? Please do post all your comments in the area provided below. Thanks

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4 thoughts on “iPad 2 UK, U.S March Release Dates and Price”

  1. Sid says:

    I haven't got an iPad, I am thinking of buying one. Do you think I should buy the iPad 2 or the original iPad?
    I know there is a little price difference too. I am a Uni student, is it any good uni work at all?

    1. I was in the U.S last week and I Had my ipad 1 with me my freind as the ipad2 and the only thing I see as better is the camera, I aways use cam on my phone so I think I stick with the ipad1 for now….

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