iPhone Users Not Quickly Defecting to Verizon Says AT&T Boss

When the Verizon iPhone was just a hope on the horizon many presumed that AT&T customers would defect to the Big Red once the mythical CDMA iPhone became a reality, well the Verizon iPhone exists and apparently AT&T aren’t worried about the rate of defection.

In fact according to the Boy Genius Report by way of the Wall Street Journal, Ralph de la Vega, AT&T’s top guy says that iPhone users are not defecting to Verizon any faster than expected, and goes on to state…

”We haven’t seen any surprises, and everything is pretty much within our expectations.” However, apparently the AT&T boss wouldn’t offer any figures on just how many iPhone users the carrier had lost to the Verizon iPhone.

Apparently Wells Fargo analysts earlier in the week stated that AT&T is expected to roughly 150,000 contact customers in Q1 of 2011, a figure that was down some 225,000 originally forecast.

So perhaps the uptake of the Verizon iPhone hasn’t been as big as expected, so does that mean that Verizon hasn’t done as well as they expected with the arrival of the CDMA iPhone 4?

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