Android Smartphone OS Takes US From iOS

The rise of Android has been steadily on the up since it first came to the mobile space with figures showing that Android took the crown in the global smartphone operating system stakes, but in the good ole US of A, Android still didn’t command, up until now that is.

According to an article over on the Bog Genius Report, Android has now taken the top slot in the US smartphone OS stakes from rivals BlackBerry and iOS according to two analytic companies.

Apparently figures from both ComScore and Nielsen show that Android now dominates the US smartphone operating system market share with Nielsen figures saying Android owns 29 percent of the US, BlackBerry has 27 percent tying with Apple’s iOS at 27 percent.

ComScore figures are only slightly different with Android claiming 31.2 percent, BlackBerry with 30.4 percent and iOS grabbing 24.7 percent.

Nielsen goes a tad further and says of the three smartphone operating systems, Android seems to attract the younger customer. So there you have it, although the iOS faithful will still claim that Apple’s iOS is still supreme due to Android running on so many smartphones while Apple only has the iPhone.

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