CTIA 2011 To Deliver “Significant” New Tablet

Currently it appears that the Apple iPad 2 is taking all the glory in the tablet arena, and why not as it’s just been unveiled; however the second generation iOS tablet may not have all the coverage for too long as apparently there is a “significant” new tablet on it way.

According to an article over on Phandroid, and by way of PC Mag, Rob Mesirow, the VP of CTIA, which kicks off in Florida, quite soon, says that a new “significant” tablet will make an appearance at CTIA 2011.

Mesirow also says… “Tablets are just an extension. We’ll start seeing a lot of extension devices. It’s probably no accident that most of the new phones coming out will be able to tether 5-7 products to that phone. We’re going to see a ton of tablets at this show.”

Unfortunately Mesirow didn’t elaborate any further as to exactly what “significant” tablet device will be shown at the trade event, although one can presume it will be an Android based tablet as apparently this year’s CTIA will be all about “Android, Android, Android.”

So there you go, a new tablet on the horizon already being touted by CTIA 2011, but will it be an Apple iPad 2 challenger, guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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