BlackBerry PlayBook US Release Date Now March

A recent rumour had pegged the first tablet device to come out of the RIM stable, the BlackBerry PlayBook as the 10th of April; however apparently that rumour is unfounded, as RIM has now set the record straight.

According to an article over on Pocket-lint, Steven Bates, Research In Motion UK MD has told them that the release date set for the BlackBerry PlayBook in the USA is “the end of Q1.”

So that dispels the rumoured April 10th release date, and as for the BlackBerry PlayBook coming out to play on UK shores, Bates said… “Europe is Q2… The UK will be one of the early ones.”

Apparently the reason for the staggered rollout of the BlackBerry PlayBook is because a staggered rollout worked well in the past for RIM, with Bates saying… “We had one for BlackBerry Torch and it worked quite nicely.”

So there you have it the official word on when the tablet arena is likely to see the BlackBerry PlayBook come out to play, are any of our readers looking to snap up RIM’s first tablet on release?


3 thoughts on “BlackBerry PlayBook US Release Date Now March”

    1. Blackberry junkie says:

      I agree with Stu… I'm tired of waiting!! Besides we are pretty much at the end of March already so they need to set a specific date soon

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