LTE iPhone, Steve Jobs Is Interested

We are all aware that when it comes to a 4G LTE iPhone, Apple has been somewhat on the slow side in adopting the new technology as there are quite a few Android based smartphones out there that can play nice on LTE, but still no iPhone.

However; according to an article over on the Wall Street Journal, Wang Jainzhou, the Chairman of China Mobile has said that Steve Jobs is “interested in fourth-generation LTE mobile technology and is willing to develop an iPhone using it.”

China Mobile has been talking with Apple for quite some time about delivering an iPhone in China, currently the iPhone is offered by rival China Unicom, but Wang has apparently said that there has been no new progress in their talks with Apple.

Apparently China Mobile is set to begin “large scale tests” of TD-LTE technology, but it is unclear why Wang has said Jobs is interested in developing an LTE iPhone, perhaps Wang is hoping Apple will deliver their first LTE iPhone to China Mobile.?

To be honest, in the end Apple has to take the iPhone into the LTE market if it is to survive and keep up with rival smartphones such as Android LTE handsets, it’s only a matter of when.

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