HTC Thunderbolt: Verizon Rubs Salt In Wound With Tweet

One would presume that Verizon Wireless cares about their customers wanting to know when the HTC Thunderbolt is going to finally see release, as you probably know the HTC Thunderbolt is a 4G enabled smartphone and has seen endless delays to being released.

Well what does Verizon do, do they give confirmation that the Android 2.2 Froyo HTC Thunderbolt will be released on such and such a date? No of course not, what Verizon Wireless does is kind of rub some salt into the wound via their Twitter account.

Here’s what Verizon Wireless tweeted a couple of hours ago…“Zillions of rumors every day. When we DO launch our 4G phones, they’ll work great on our LTE network.”

To which one user replied…”@VerizonWireless Thanks alot for the salt in the wound. How about telling us the date of the #HTCThunderboltlaunch!”

Thus it would appear that Verizon is confirming that their 4G phones will “work great” on their LTE network, when they DO launch. Of course when that may be, Verizon isn’t telling and still keeps those who want the HTC Thunderbolt hanging on a thread, for how much longer is anyone’s guess.

So come on Verizon, how about announcing that ever-delayed release date for the HTC Thunderbolt?


2 thoughts on “HTC Thunderbolt: Verizon Rubs Salt In Wound With Tweet”

  1. Guest says:

    Am I the only one that feels "stood up" by Verizon? If Verizon can't release a 4G droid soon, maybe I'll just wait for the iphone 5…..

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