Verizon HTC Thunderbolt Naughty: iPad 2 More Important

Surely the HTC Thunderbolt delay is taking its toll on customers leaving them with the decision if they should buy or not, we have had a lot of response from readers and some are not very happy at all, so why the delay? Is it really the case of Verizon HTC Thunderbolt naughty and that the iPad 2 is more important?

The HTC Thunderbolt has been delayed a few times now and it seems to be the same old story with no solid release date and yesterday PhonesReview colleague James reported that the smartphone could be delayed until March 16.

The delay is being pointed at Verizon according to many sources such as Android Community and The Examiner (We like the sources only report what we see and hear), if you read over on Android Community HTC has threatened to pull ads about Thunderbolt id Verizon does not announce a release date, now they said that they wanted to hear something by last Saturday and yet still no word on release.

We have mentioned a few times that the HTC Thunderbolt could be released March 10, which is Thursday but we all know that the new Apple iPad 2 is being released so for Verizon to release a smartphone and a new tablet on the same day is not going to happen. What do you think?

Have a little read over on HTCPedia where they report HTC is getting upset about Verizon delaying the HTC Thunderbolt.

For all the latest updates on the HTC Thunderbolt please visit Verizon Wireless and HTC, whilst you wait you may want to view the video of the Thunderbolt being handled. Please let us know what you think of the above news.

Should Verizon pull the release date out of the bag before they lose potential customers? Should they release the Thunderbolt before, on the same day or after the iPad 2 releases? So many questions that we would love your thoughts on.

After reporting the Thunderbolt delays for a few weeks now we have to sit back and be honest about it all, Verizon has never once mentioned when the smartphone was going to be released so in one respect how can a phone be delayed if a release date was never announced. We know we here at PhonesReview mentioned release dates but we only report the latest news offerings, what do you think?


16 thoughts on “Verizon HTC Thunderbolt Naughty: iPad 2 More Important”

  1. ExBigRed Customer says:

    This is the same BS that happened with the incredible
    . Me personally I have Just said screw it my contract is up. T mobile here I come.

  2. Jay says:

    I think it's foolish that Verizon feels that releasing the iPad 2, even on the same day as T-bolt, is an issue. I don't see how it could drastically affect sales, People who are looking for a tablet PC are looking for just that. The same goes for people who are in the market for a smartphone. Heck, somebody may even have the money to buy both! But, I guess it just goes to show ultimately what Big Red thinks about you and I – the consumer. 'Our marketing strategy is more important than your petty needs or wants…' If the phone is ready just release it for goodness sake, and stop it with all this 'marketing politics.'

  3. Jimmy Jam says:

    I agree. seems like Verizon is now a puppet of Apple, which completely stinks. I can see that it is fair to mention Verizon never officially announced a release date, but who allowed Best Buy to pre sell the Thunderbolt as of February 6 AND put ads in their circulars for the last 4 weeks like it was coming out? The whole roll out of this device seems to be a disorganized mess. You would think it woul dbe way more structured and planned out beings it is their first 4G device

  4. me1234 says:

    How is releasing some tablet more important than releasing a smartphone! I dont understand…
    I am waiting till the 10th and if no phone, goodbye Verizon…

  5. Clayton Little says:

    Verizon does need to get it together they could at least come out and let us know when the phone is coming out, instead of doing whatever apple wants them to do. I am fed up with verizon and am thinking very seriously about leaving.

  6. I won the Thunderbolt in a drawing from Verizon, so I'm locked in to the Thunderbolt. And when I get it, I'm sure I'll be deliriously happy. But the iPhone is looking pretty tempting while I limp along with my sad little BB Storm 2. If I hadn't won the Thunderbolt I'd be torn between iPhone and waiting for the Droid Bionic (dual core!!) this summer. Though with Verizon's stunts who's to say when they'd really release the Bionic anyway. Bird in the hand looks like the smart policy…

    1. Impatient says:

      I was in the same boat. I had been eligible for an upgrade since Nov. And patiently waiting for the 4.3 inch Tbolt. Well I finally got fed up and bought the iphone4. I can believe I hadnt gotten this phone earlier, it is amazing! The apple OS is smooth as silk and the retina display looks amazing. No glitches whatsoever. The apps are great and iTunes is amazing. This is my first apple product and I can see now why they are so popular! Good luck! And go for it! You won't be disappointed. Just sell the bolt on eBay.

  7. cduffy says:

    I think that everyone who gives up waiting for the thunderbolt and buys the iphone is exactly what verizon wants. They want that phone to sell most, no competition, then itll sell

  8. Darryl says:

    At this point… wait for the Samsung Stealth V or Droid Bionic because they will both offer better resolutions and dual-core processors and should be an overall better phone.

  9. Jeff Jay says:

    And by the way what does iPad (Tablet) have to do with Thunderbolt (Phone) anyway … I don't think I'm going to carry the iPad in my pocket and make calls from it !

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