Domo iPhone & Android App: Share with Facebook Strangers

Facebook Stalkers, you maybe strangers but hey this app will allow you to say hello. The new Domo mobile app has now launched and can be downloaded today for iPhone and Android.

Mashable say that this app allows talking to strangers via mobile, the Domo app in a nutshell allows user-to-user relationships through shared Facebook interests that allow them also to send longer messages and even shared photos with other nearby Domo users.

The app features: Importing profiles from Facebook, Browsing the interests they have, Fine control of privacy, Browsing the people around you, Exchange text messages and pictures, Find out what interests other people share with you in common and much more.

Domo basically collects info from your Facebook public profile and then allows other users near you see it, then it finds out what he or she have in common. Scary stuff, oh yes stalking comes to mind. Ok of course you control what people see but do you like the concept.

Domo will let you share interests such as work, education, entertainment preferences, groups and other things you like on Facebook. Please watch the YouTube video below courtesy of tonchidot, we also recommend you visit the official Domo website.

If you are an iPhone user please download this new app via iTunes, Android users please visit the Android Market.

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