MayDay Light Location Alert iOS App

In today’s hectic driving conditions many accidents occur, and often parents of young drivers worry if their family member doesn’t arrive home on time, and worries that they may have been involved in an accident and often then not if someone is involved in an accident they forget to inform their family due to shock and upset.

However if those drivers have use of an iOS device there is an app called MayDay Light which automatically broadcasts the last known location of the user to a predetermined list of people such as Mother, Father, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife and such.

MayDay Light for the iPhone uses the iPhone’s sensors and multitasking abilities to help those people on your list locate you, and features a simple but effective interrupt to avoid a false alarm.

We have a demonstration video of the MayDay Light app for your viewing pleasure below, which delivers almost five minutes of how the MayDay Light app works to automatically identify accidents and alert your loved one even if you are unconscious.

For those that wish to take advantage of the May Day Light app for iOS devices you can download the app from iTunes at a cost of just $1.99.


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