Sams Club Motorola Xoom Price, 3G Only

Sam’s Club has now got the Motorola Xoom Tablet PC on it’s site and if you are looking at buying the WiFi version of the Xoom then you will be disappointed as they only have the 3G model.

The Motorola Xoom 3G is now showing up on Sam’s Club online store and for $599.74 with a new Verizon Wireless account it can be yours, now if you look at the image via Sam’s Club above you will notice that it has ‘4G’ stamped on it but we not that is not true because the Xoom has to be sent to Motorola for an upgrade.

According to Phandroid a WiFi-only version was priced at $539.99 within the club but this is not yet official so we cannot count on this as of yet, we will have to wait on Motorola to give a full official pricing and availability announcement.

We will be bringing you more information on the WiFi only version as soon as we know something, please head on over to Sam’s Club and get your Motorola Xoom 3G tablet now.

What Motorola Xoom version do you want; we would love to know what you like. Please do post all comments in the area provided below. If you are in the UK please do check out our previous post mentioning the PC World UK Price.

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6 thoughts on “Sams Club Motorola Xoom Price, 3G Only”

  1. I just talked with Motorola's online "chat" and this was the response I got.

    Salvador S: Hi, my name is Salvador S. How may I help you?
    Incredible Mouse: Hi there. Where can I go buy a Wi-Fi only Xoom in the USA?
    Salvador S: I am sorry, but we don't have a wi-fi only xoom yet out in the market.
    Incredible Mouse: Ugh! Depressing. How much longer do I have to wait?
    Salvador S: At this time, Verizon is requiring that all Motorola XOOM users sign up for a minimum of a one month data plan at time of purchase. Following this one month you will have the option of discontinuing your service, at which time you will only be able to use your device via Wi-Fi. For more details on Verizon data plans visit http://www.verizonwireless.com

    Incredible Mouse: Oh, yuck, that's a deal breaker. 🙁 🙁


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