Zigyt Soccer Players Agility Training iOS App

If you are into the beautiful game known as soccer, or over here in Europe, football, there’s an iOS app available for the iPhone and iPod Touch that helps soccer players improve their agility and is called Zigyt.

The Zigyt iOS app has now been introduced to the European soccer community via an appearance in F.C. Business magazine. What the app does is run a user through agility training exercises and uses a human voice to call out actions in real time.

The Head of Strength and Conditioning at Wolverhampton University, Mr. Nico Kolokythas Msc, has said, “Agility is everything. Football is only agility. The aim of any training program in football should have the end aim of improving agility. In fact it should be the beginning and the end of all fitness programs.”

The Zigyt app for the iPhone and iPod Touch features 20 agility drills that have been grouped by degree of difficulty and by type, and also listed by sport such as soccer, baseball, tennis, basketball, football, squash, hockey and volleyball.

When it comes to soccer, the Zigyt app offers ten drills based on the Super Shuttle (Cross), Lateral Shuffle drills, and Box (4 Cone) and delivers randomness to the drills to increase enjoyment, utility and challenge.

For those that wish to take advantage of the training the Zigyt app for iOS devices can offer they can download the app to their chosen iOS device by hitting up iTunes.

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