White iPhone 4 Becoming A Reality In April

Now we have word on a mythical beast that has seen more rumours than the HTC Thunderbolt release date, the Apple handset that somehow got lost in the mist a long time ago; of course it’s the white iPhone 4.

The white iPhone 4 never really seems to leave the mobile rumour space for too long before it pops back up and this time the word is the white iPhone 4 could become a reality next month.

As according to an article over on the Boy Genius Report and by way of Apple Insider, Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst for Concord Securities claims Apple will begin production of the ghostly coloured iPhone this month with an expected shipping time sometime in April.

The word is according to Kuo, that Apple changed the “film material” that had apparently been causing “lamination issues” with the long delayed white iOS smartphone.

Thus it would appear there is a chance Apple will finally push out the white iPhone 4 next month, but the big question is will anyone still want it, especially when the iPhone 5 is expected later in the year.

Of course this is an analyst and even analysts can be wrong sometimes, so for what it’s worth you should take this with the usual dose of salt, and as the saying goes…believe it when you see it.

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