iOS 4.3 SDK Reveals iPhone 5 A5 Dual-Core Processor

As we all know the new iOS 4.3 is now available to download and install via Apple iTunes and the new iOS 4.3 SDK reveals that the upcoming iPhone 5 will house the new A5 Dual Core processor.

According to MacRumors the new iPhone 5 will feature the A5 processor that was introduced to the Apple iPad 2 that is releasing to market this Friday.

At the moment the Apple iPhone 4 smartphone only uses a single-core A4 processor and if Apple do decide to use the A5 this will excite a few fans, there is no solid official evidence that Apple will use A5 processors but it is looking good.

This evidence has come to light via Twitter and a couple of tweets from @chronic (Tweet one, Tweet Two) says “Apple A5 == S5L8940” and “alright, someone take this info down. iPad2,1 (K93AP) = WiFi. iPad2,2 (K94AP) = GSM. iPad2,3 (K95AP) = CDMA. all run on the S5L8940 proc.”

There is more evidence via @naynee75 on twitpic showing a picture that reveals the N94 kernel files also contains a reference to the same A5 processor, and what about iClarified who reveals this news under the title “Evidence Found in iOS 4.3 Reveals iPhone 5 Will Get Dual Core A5 Processor”.

Hopefully we will learn more over the next few weeks and we will be right on top of this one, please join us on Facebook or Twitter for updates.

Other iPhone 5 Speculations: This new upcoming smartphone could feature edge-to-edge display and the Apple logo on the back of the iPhone 5 could be the antenna.

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