Mobile Postage Stamps via Text Messages Announced

It has recently been announced that on the 1 April the Danish post office will be bringing in a new system, whereby people can send a text to the post office and receive a code back, which they then write on their envelope (in the area where the stamp would normally go) and this is then accepted in place of a stamp.

Patrick Goss of techradar.com, explains that you text the word porto to the 1900 number and are then sent a code back.

Could this mean the end to the stamp?

According to the BBC, Henrik Larsen, a spokesman for the Post Danmark said the service was not intended to replace stamps.

I’m not so sure, as the use of email is now becoming more and more common place as a means of contact, the need to purchase stamps from the Post Office is normally very infrequent and with this service, if you do need to send a letter you no longer need to purchase a stamp.

Is this just the beginning to a number of services we will soon be able to obtain via our mobile phones. See Mark’s earlier post on printable coupons via iPhone app.

Please let us know your thoughts on this mobile postage stamp service below and also of any services you would like to be able to obtain via your mobile phone in the future.

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