Star Stepper Windows Phone 7 Game Now Available

If you are one of the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 faithful and into playing games on your chosen smartphone you might like to learn that there is now a new WP7 certified action platformer game available on the WP7 Marketplace.

The new WP7 game is called Star Stepper, a platform jumping game that is addictive whilst being in “the spirit of Doodle Jump”. In Star Stepper for Windows Phone 7 the user helps Astro Joe to escape the gravity well of a blue dwarf.

The user gets Astro Joe to bounce up steps but he has to be careful as there are many dangers along the way such as asteroids and bombs along with other surprises, but the question is how far can you take Astro Joe?

Control wise Star Stepper delivers tilting action to controls Joe’s direction, whilst touching and holding the screen deliver a temporary rocket boost that also delivers invulnerability. There is also access to the worldwide leaderboard so the user can share their scores.

We have a quick video demo of Star Stepper for Windows Phone 7 for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of the developer/publisher Cap’n Code, so check out the action and if you wish to grab Star Stepper you can download the game for free (ad supported) from the WP7 Marketplace.

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