Apple iPad 2 Full Review Video: Pros and Cons

Still sitting on that fence trying to make up your mind whether to upgrade your Apple iPad to the new Apple iPad 2, if you are then perhaps a video review of the iOS tablet may help you make that important decision.

Jon Rettinger over at Technobuffalo has now completed his full review of the new Apple iPad 2 and posted a twelve and a half minute video, which we have for your viewing consideration below and starts off going over the specs of the device before delving into that review.

According to the article the Apple iPad 2 pros and cons are as follows…Pros, the Apple iPad 2 has a thinner design, a great media experience, tremendous app support and apparelled mobile browsing, while the cons are…iOS is eloquent but feels antiquated, camera quality in video and photos is very bad, and the device has no Flash support.

Having said that the article concludes that if you are a newcomer to the tablet arena then purchasing the Apple iPad 2 wont be a disappointment, but if you are considering upgrading then you may wish to wait for the Apple iPad 3.

So with all that said, make the jump and hit that play button to check out the full review and feel free to let us know if you are going to purchase the Apple iPad 2 or wait for the next version…enjoy.


6 thoughts on “Apple iPad 2 Full Review Video: Pros and Cons”

  1. Dan says:

    Kgee–why is that? I'm considering purchasing my first iPad with the 2, but would like to know the argument for waiting for the 3, besides the screen resolution?

  2. @Dan: his argument is he already owns the iPad 1. If you know you are not going to make much use of the camera's (maybe you have an iPhone 4) and you don't mind the slower CPU then buying the iPad 2 doesn't make sense. For you the iPad 2 is your first iPad, you'll be confronted with the same decision 12 months from now; buy the 3'rd one, or wait for the iPad 4.

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